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A list of some computer generated images
Hello guys ! My name is Pavel, i'm 3d designer and artist.
I am not bounded by one specific style, and quite the contrary interested in all projects that need design and require creative approach.

I'll be glad to cooperation.

Scandinavian bedroom

А small room in a Scandinavian style in Moscow.
Аt least you may hear it on the air.
Living room in Moscow
Bright living room in a country house.
Really looks like ordinary village interior.

Still life with milk
Milk bottles and graphically jars define the style.
Kitchen is kicks
the bucket
The whole world in a teapot with whistle.
Loft is fashionable
The interiors of loft-style are very popular in Tver, Voronezh and now in Moscow.
The monkey is watching you
Sometimes, when it seems that the interior has nothing to rescue comes to help wooden monkey.
Turquoise in the trend
If paint ordinary stool turquoise paint that can turn the creative interior.
Everyday life in office
My office is a second home
Breaking news
Italian elle decor has published a new article about my work.
I have no idea what's written here but it looks cool..)
Pavel Pisanko disegna un interior dalle grafiche essenziali

Arredare una casa piccola
in stile scandinavo è sempre un'ottima idea: pulito, elegante e ricercato senza risultare freddo e senza perdere in comfort. Lo sa bene Pavel Pisanko, designer 3d che ha progettato a Mosca questi interni dal gusto nordico.

Pavel, ragazzo eclettico, ha studiato nella capitale russa cinema e tv ma ha poi seguito la sua vera passione e il suo talento nel design. Nei suoi lavori prende spunto da varie suggestioni...
+7 926 649 06 40
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